Swansea Family History
Swansea Family History 


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Mumbles Railway Remembered 


The first hundred years of the Mumbles Railway

1804 - 1904 



Pictures at an Exhibition - and their Connection


The intertesting connection with Art

Talking Stones


Social History

Murder Stones and Sweet F.A.


Murder Stones commemorating the murder of an indiviual 

Origins of the common saying Sweet F.A.



Those who volunteer to carry out nursing during difficult times

Draper, Dressmaker, Milliner and Seamstress..........


Origins of the needles and developed of the sawing machines


Reader Request


John A. Hodge

SWALK - Sealed with a Loving Kiss


Origins of Letters and Post Office


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Frederick Marsh

It's Good To Talk


Origins of Phones and Phone Boxes 

Pandemic, Pestilence and Plague 


Previous pandemics and their impact on Swansea and Gower 


Evan and Llewellyn Morgan

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