Swansea Family History
Swansea Family History 


Family History Articles published in "The Bay" Magazine, (February-September 2019).  Click the button, to read the article

Spanish Flu


100th Anniversary of the deadly outbreak of 1918



Reader's Responses


Dead Man's Pennies 



                        Anniversaries and




                                       Representation of the People Act, February 1918

                                  Clara Neal Blue Plaque 

Tarmac and its Swansea Connection




History of Chocolate with a Swansea connection



Three Knights and Two Welshmen



Alcock and Brown

the Swansea Connection


100th anniversary of the flight non-stop flight transatlantic 

Art Gallery connections to Swansea



Art in Swansea

Fish and Chips


History of Fish and Chips



Blue Plaques


Family Connections 

Swansea Market


Brief history

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