Swansea Family History
Swansea Family History 



Topics covered


1. Censuses

1841 Census, June 6th

1851 Census, March 30th

2. Beginnings of the History of Denistary

3. Beginnings of the History of Medical Health Service

Cholrea Outbreaks, 1832, 1849

Irish Potato Famine, 1845-52

Swansea Local Board of Health

4. Blue Plaques

 (1) Mumbles Lighthouse

(2) Ann Julia Hatton - "Ann of Swansea"

5. Dunkirk

Charles Drewson (1922 - )

First Voyage (20th August 1938 - 7th February 1939)

S.S. British Grenadier

Second Voyage (16th May - December 1939)

S.S. Loch Lomond

Third Voyage (17th Decmber 1939 - 18th March 1940)

S.S. Loch Lomond

Dunkirk Evacuation (26th May - 6th June 1940)

M.V. Norrix


S.S. Empire Gull, sinking 12th December 1942

Death of Charles Drewson, September 2017

6. History of Houses



Tithe Maps

Rates Books

7. Gower Show Centenary

8. Readers Feedback

9. Postcards and Photographs

Grand Tour 1660-1840s

Richard Glyn and Graham Vivian

Glyn Vivian Art Gallery

Theodore Hook, London

Penny Black Stamp

Alexandra Library

French man, Nicephore Niepce, 1826

Mary Dillwyn, Penllergare, 1840s

Samuel Chapman, York Street and High Street

Colour photographs, 1860s, plus 60 years

10. RAF Casualties in Swansea

St. Hillary's Church, Killay 24 Royal Air Force/Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR)

R.A.F. Fairwood Common

19th August 1942

 No. 172 Squadron

US Tanker Gulf of Mexico

23rd August 1942

No. 421 Squadron

11. Reflections 

(1) Readers Wartime Recollections

September 1st 1940 - Swansea Bombing

Pembroke Hotel, St. Helens Road

Ivor Watkins - last Swansea Tommy

|2) Blue Plaques of Swansea - Mumbles Lighthouse

Jessie Ace, John Dunstan




12. Swansea's Political Past

Constituency of Swansea District

Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885

Representation of the People Act, 1918

13. Wartime Recollections


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