Swansea Family History
Swansea Family History 

Update on Kurt Brand

In my piece in June I wrote that Brand, a German pilot was found on Rhossili Beach, April 1943 after he along with his fellow crew members of one of the Domier 217 that flew in the last bombing raid of Swansea of the Second World War, was shot down and crashed into the sea off Port Eynon. He was finally buried at St. Hilary’s Church, Killay and I was led to believe that he was buried by the church hall. Mr David Morgan, Eucharistic Assistant at St. Hillary’s Church, informed me that Kurt Brand was buried in isolation next to the churchyard’s boundary. Brand’s remains were exhumed in 1963 on 19th April and re-interred at the Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire. The grave was not left for too long before it was reused on 30th April.

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